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Each month during the academic year, CIE organizes an international discussion series titled Coffee@CIE. The topic of discussion and panelists change each month and are always relevant to our Loyola and international communities. 

Past topics include: 

Black Abroad - A student-led panel about the experiences of Black Loyola students while studying abroad.

Autumn Folklore - A discussion of global autumn folklore, holidays, myths, and festivals. International panelists shared their favorite stories and superstitions.

Queer Abroad - A conversation among fellow queer students about their experiences interacting with global cultures and the international education community during Study Abroad.

Carnival Edition - A live performance of traditional Brazilian Carnival music and discussion of similarities and differences between celebratory traditions in New Orleans and Brazil. 

Latin American Coffee - An in-person Latin American coffee tasting event and online presentation from Loyola alumnus Pedro Benitez on Latin American coffee and the coffee industry.