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Apply to LIEP

Please review the information below to find more information about applying to LIEP! If you have any additional questions about the application or the process, you can email

Start our free application online!

Watch this video on how to get a username and a password to the LIEP application! 

Once you are on the application page:

  1. View the terms and dates listed at the bottom of the page and decide which term you will select
  2. Select "Apply Now"
  3. Select "No" to the question "Have you received your login credentials already via email?"
  4. Select "LIEP Application"
  5. Fill out the requested information and an email will be sent to you with your login and password information (if you forget your password, click on “Forgot my password” on the login page)

Please make sure that you meet the following requirements before applying to LIEP:

1. You must have an INTERMEDIATE level (or higher) of English. Intermediate level English can be shown in the following ways:

  • Submit a TOEFL score of at least 36 iBT, 110 CBT, 420 PBT; IELTS of at least 4.5.
  • Have an English instructor fill out a Language Evaluation form (available in the LIEP application).  
  • Arrange to be interviewed via Skype. 

2. You must have completed high school.*

3. You must be at least 18 years old when you enroll in the program.*

*There may be exceptions to these requirements. If you have not completed high school or you are less than 18 years old, please send us an email and we will consider your situation.

In our online application, you will find questions and also documents you must upload. We must receive these documents before we can accept you. Also, we must receive these documents before we can issue an I-20 or an F-1 visa (if you need a visa).

  1. Signature verification form and copy of identity page of passport- Because this is an electronic application, we have to verify your identity.  You can upload A signature verification form is a document that allows us to verify your identity.  
  2. Questionnaires - There are 3 questionnaires: (1) LIEP application, (2) LIEP Essay, and (3) LIEP Housing Application (if you wish to live on-campus). Complete these online and click submit when you are finished.
  3. Application Signature - This is an electronic signature. Click on the document and sign it electronically. You will only be able to do this after we receive your signature verification form.
  4. Evidence of intermediate (or higher) level of English - Upload evidence of your English language level. This can be the LIEP language certification completed by an English teacher, OR a standardized language test, OR some other documentation including a Zoom Video Call with one of our instructors.
  5. LIEP Affidavit of support (if applying for F-1 status) - this document is financial evidence that shows you (or your sponsor) have sufficient funds to pay for your tuition and living expenses during the period of your intended study. This document can be completed officially by a bank OR you can complete the form and provide a stamped bank statement or tax documents showing the required amount. Upload the completed form to your online application. 
  6. LIEP Immunization Form - this form can be completed by your doctor to prove that you have had the vaccinations and that they are current.
  7. HEALTH INSURANCE DISCLAIMER: All students are required to have health insurance. Loyola has standards for the amount of coverage you need to study at the university. YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED IN LOYOLA'S HEALTH INSURANCE unless you complete the Health Insurance Waiver BEFORE classes begin. For more information about Health Insurance, click here.

PAYMENT: Your bill is due one week after you arrive in New Orleans. Payment can be made by cash, personal check, wire transfer, or credit card. A 40% refund of tuition is available to students only if they withdraw from the program in writing before the end of the first full week of the program. No refunds are made for housing.

Once you submit all documents and you are accepted, it usually takes approximately 10 working days for us to process and mail your I-20 to you. 


If you are already in the United States attending another institution, you must first be accepted to the program, and then submit a transfer form to your current language program before LIEP will provide a Form I-20. Transfer forms are available on this page.

Students who qualify for admission to Loyola University, but still require some English study may be able to take two LIEP courses for academic credit while enrolled in two other academic classes through our Pilot Program. This is a hybrid program consisting of academic and English courses. Pilot course credits apply toward the student's degree.

To apply to the Pilot Program, you must apply to Loyola University New Orleans through the regular International Admissions process.