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International Student Orientation

New International Student Orientation Spring 2022:

IMPORTANT: Orientation will be held virtually in Spring 2022. Please, watch the following videos carefully, as they explain important information. After watching the video on immigration regulations that govern your specific visa category - either F-1 for degree-seeking students, or J-1 for exchange students- please, complete the corresponding brief Google test following the instructions at the beginning of the test.

Coming to a new country can be a challenging experience, but with the right preparation it can be exciting and full of opportunities! To assist you with the transition from your home country to Loyola, the Center for International Education requires that all new international students complete the mandatory International Student Orientation.

The orientation covers information that you, as an international student, need to know whether this is your first time in the U.S. or you have studied here already. The orientation also provides a wonderful opportunity for you to meet other international students and it’s a great way for you to begin your Loyola experience.

In addition to the orientation modules on this webpage, which are specifically designed by CIE for international students, please, also complete the general student orientation called "OnBoard U" that is administered through the Loyola Single Sign On system ("SSO").

If you have any questions, please, send us an email to

Welcome to Loyola and enjoy the following orientation videos! 

As you prepare for your journey, we invite you to join our Facebook pages for the Center for International Education, the International Student Association and the Cultural Connections program. You can ask questions and exchange your thoughts with current international students at Loyola.

You will also find the International Student section of our website helpful with information on the visa application processpre-departure information and much more.

The CIE Orientation will be administered virtually in Spring 2022, with all components administered online. Both J-1 and F-1 students are required to complete this online orientation. 

Please note that there are two parts to New Student Orientation: a general Loyola University Orientation that is accessed through SSO and a specific CIE Orientation that contains additonal information from our office. 

Remember, the orientation program is mandatory and you must complete it or you will not be allowed to register.

  1. Gain information about your visa type and how to remain in legal immigration status.
  2. Learn about working on campus and in the U.S.
  3. Receive information on classes, how to open a bank account, get a SSN, cell phone and much, much more!
  4. Find out how to adjust to life in the U.S.
  5. Meet and become friends with other international students and American students.
  6. Explore the differences and similarities between the academic systems of the United States and the academic system of your home country and gain helpful skills that can help you navigate the U.S. academic system more effectively.
  7. Become acquainted with places and services on campus.
  8. Learn about how to get involved with student life at Loyola.
  9. Discover what makes New Orleans unique, including its culture, music and food.
  10. Have your questions and concerns answered by people you can trust including current international students at Loyola.