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E-3 Australians

An employee can obtain E-3 status in one of two ways:

  1. If the employee is currently overseas, he/she can obtain the E-3 visa from a US embassy overseas and then enter the US with this visa and obtain E-3 status. The employee must have a certified Labor Condition Attestation when applying for the visa.
  2. If the employee is currently here in the US and does not want to exit the country and re-enter on an E-3 visa, CIE can assist by filing for a change of status to E-3. (See Documents required for H-1B).

Dual Intent

All international scholars who come to Loyola University on regular tenure-track faculty appointments must eventually obtain immigrant or permanent resident status. E-3 status is not appropriate for those seeking permanent residence status. We suggest that tenure track faculty or faculty who want to begin the permanent residence process move into the H1-B status since this status affords "dual intent" (can be an intending immigrant while on a nonimmigrant visa). Dual intent does not apply to those on an E-3 visa.