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Heath, Safety, and Security Inventory

Complete online at Click on [Login] in the upper right-hand menu bar and login using your Loyno Mail ID and Password. You will be taken to the Applicant Home page. Click on the application: Faculty-Led Loyola Study Abroad Program Application and Registration and you will see the documents that you need to complete. The following questions are those listed in the online application:

  1. Provide a complete description of this program, including any activities and/or excursions involved. 
  2. Please describe program director's and other staff's experience and knowledge of locations included in the program. 
  3. Please describe any known religious or local traditions, cultural normals, or political attitudes that may necessitate modification of participant behavior and how students will be informed about these cross-cultural differences. 
  4. Please give dates and times of pre-departure and on-site orientation meetings. 
  5. What information do you cover in your pre-departure and on-site orientation sessions regarding health, safety, and security issues? (Include any handouts you may have). 
  6. Do you need any assistance or information from CIE in covering any areas during your pre-departure orientation or handouts? CIE will be happy to assist with health, safety, and security or cultural information or any other areas in which we have expertise.)
  7. Please provide a detailed description of the student living accommodations for this program. 
  8. If students are housed with host families, please describe the selection, supervision, and evaluation process for the families. As per Loyola's emergency protocol, please verify that if the students in your group are to be housed with local families, the families will be informed that they are required to notify the on-site coordinator or director if there is an emergency involving a student. If the students are housed in a residence system or rented house, the local housing supervisor will be informed that they must notify the on-site coordinator if an emergency occurs.

  9. Do the students need to take any special health precautions?
  10. Are there any State Department or Center for Disease Control Travel Warnings or alerts relevant to your program and how and when do you present this information to the students?
  11. What are the safety and security risks at the proposed program site, and how will these be addressed?
  12. Are there any ongoing religious, political, or ethnic conflicts that could compromise the safety of the program participants?
  13. Are there any potential natural disasters (earthquakes, active volcanoes, hurricanes) in the country that could compromise the safety of the program participants? If yes, please explain what the program will do to address these. 
  14. Please attach a detailed program itinerary.
  15. Please describe all modes of transportation used by the program in the host country for travel, program tours, or excursions. Attach any related contracts with transportation companies, travel agents, etc. (You should hire vendors and contractors (e.g. travel and tour agents) that have provided reputable services in the country in which the program takes place)
  16. Provide an overview of the logistical arrangements, including travel to and from the host country and transportation within the host country. Please provide information about the organization making these arrangements and attach any related contracts. 
  17. What infrastructure is needed on site? Please provide detailed information on housing, class space, local field trips, internet access, study space, library, etc. How will this be provided? Is there a partner university or institution or travel agent? What are Loyola's responsibilities? What are host institution responsibilities?
  18. Do you have codes of conduct for your program? How do you communicate the code of conduct to your students and the consequences of noncompliance? (It is important that if you have a code of conduct for your program, that you take appropriate action when you are aware that participants are in violation).
  19. In the participant screening process, do you consider factors such as disciplinary history that may impact the safety of the individual or the group. If you do not consider this currently, would you be interested in requiring this?