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ISA E-Board Application

The International Student Association (ISA) is looking for creative, dedicated and hard-working students for its Executive Board.

The ISA e-board is the administrative part of the organization. We plan the major activities such as the Country Fair and Scholarship Banquet and also smaller activities such as field trips and movie showings.

The E-board meets bi-monthly to keep activities updated (will meet on a weekely basis during busy planning times). All members of the e-board are expected to work closely with one another and form good working relationships.

How to Apply

If you are interested in being a part of the ISA e-board you must complete fill out the ISA E-Board Application. You must be in good academic standing to apply. E-board members will be interviewed and selected by a committee which will include students, staff and faculty.

Remember that ISA is here to promote and foster cultural awareness and by being on the Executive Board you can be a part of that! We encourage you to apply! Let this be your opportunity to make ISA even better.

For more information please contact any current member of the e-board or Dittmar Dittrich at (504) 864-7550.

More information about ISA can be found here

E-board Positions

  • President: The ISA President is considered the face of ISA and is expected to represent ISA to other student organizations (along with the other E-Board members). The President creates the agendas for both the e-board and the general meetings. The President is also in charge of signing official ISA documents and works closely with the Treasurer and the ISA Advisor on putting the budget pack together at the beginning of each semester.
  • Vice-President: The Vice-President acts as President anytime the current President is unable to fulfill his/her duties. Also works on recruiting and encouraging member participation and co-programming with other student organizations. Is expected to form a good working relationship with the President and help him/her with important tasks.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: The Secretary-Treasurer is required to work closely with the President, the Director of Activities and the ISA Advisor putting together the budget packet at the beginning of each semester. The Secretary-Treasurer is also in charge of keeping an updated report of the organization’s monetary information and will work closely with the ISA Advisor on financial transactions and contracts. The Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible for taking the minutes at the meetings and distributing them to the e-board and to general ISA members, keeping an updated list of members and their contact information, taking attendance at each meeting and also serves as the organization’s historian.
  • Director of Activities: The Director of Activities is in charge of planning activities (i.e. booking rooms, renting equipment) and of helping to create the publicity for activities. The Director of Activities works closely with the Director of Marketing.
  • Director of Marketing: The Director of Marketing is in charge of creating the publicity for activities as well (i.e. flyers, table tents, facebook events, banners, etc.) and creating publicity for ISA as an organization.  The Director of Marketing works closely with the Secretary-Treasurer for sending out e-mails to the larger Loyola community.  The Director of Marketing works closely with the Director of Activities.  The holder of this position must have experience in graphic design.
  • Ambassador(s): The Ambassador is in charge of promoting ISA to other students and student organizations. The Ambassador should be someone who is enthusiastic about ISA! The Ambassador works closely with the Director of Marketing.  Exchange students are encouraged to apply.

We advise that if you apply for a position on the e-board that you not hold any other executive positions in any other organizations. All positions require a serious time commitment, dedication and attention to detail.